Lent Special: Get “From Head To Tale” On Kindle For 99 Cents!

The season of Lent has traditionally been tied to the consumption of seafood. It is still the busiest time of year for our hometown Gorton’s of Gloucester, and with the water still cold it makes for a great time for fish – Catholic or not. So in order to kick off Lent I’m offering the kindle edition of my historic seafood cookbook: From Head To Tale for only 99 cents. It is over 300 pages of fish and shellfish recipes raging from the 15th-20th centuries and many of them are traditonal lenten (maigre) meals.

The special runs from March 2-9 and is only for the Kindle version. Try a new twist on Lent with some old ways of preparing fish!


From Head To Tale: Now Available on Amazon

After over a year of research, writing, editing and formatting, my largest work is finally complete. It is called From Head To Tale and is an historic seafood cookbook containing over four hundred recipes, arranged chronologically by species, including recipes for appetizers, salads, soups and sauces.

From the back cover:

From Head to Tale explores five centuries of Western seafood history through recipes compiled from European and North American cookbooks. Learn which species of fish and shellfish have remained popular through the centuries. See how ingredients, cooking methods and even recipe formats evolved over time. From timeless classics to forgotten Medieval dishes, From Head to Tale will reveal of trove any seafood lover will enjoy.

Now that the book is finished, I plan on using some of the proceeds to try some of these historic recipes, which I will post on my new website buyingseafood.com

From Head To Tale is now available on Amazon, and will also be sold at Essex Shipbuilding Museum gift shop starting in spring 2017.

Black Friday Deal: Get Food Lovers Guide To Amsterdam – FREE!

For one day, Friday November 28 get my latest Ebook: Food Lovers Guide to Amsterdam: How to Eat Well Along the Canals for free! Know someone planning a trip to Europe? Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport is one of the busiest on the continent and is the location of many layovers to other European destinations. Whether you are killing a few hours between flights, or if your itinerary includes the “Venice of the North” why not make the most of your time by exploring Amsterdam’s restaurant scene.


You like Pu Pu Platters? Then try a Rijsttafel in one of Amsterdam’s fine Indonesian restaurants.

Food Lovers Guide To Amsterdam: New For Amazon Kindle

For my latest book on Kindle I decided to take a break from local maritime history. I love to travel and I love to eat and over the years I have compiled lots of information of Amsterdam’s restaurant scene. I have been going to Amsterdam since 1996 and it is one of my favorite cities to visit. Compared to New York, London or Paris, Amsterdam is small, easily walkable and home to over two thousand restaurants and bars. There are so many options crammed among the canals and side streets that it can become pretty confusing. The online review sites are a good start, but in most cases you learn more about the quirks of the customer and not the place itself. I have attempted to wade through all of this and with a combination of first hand research, tips from locals and fellow travelers as well as months worth of online research to create a guide you can carry on Kindle, laptop or other portable device.


From Amazon:

First time visitors to Amsterdam are confronted with over two-thousand places to eat and drink. Learn tips on how to find great meals, cozy watering holes, and experience international flavors without burning a hole in your wallet. This quick guide will help you learn about traditional Dutch meals and snacks, as well as restaurant suggestions for an array of Dutch and ethnic restaurants. Contains listings for dozens of eating establishments including 30 highly rated and affordable ethnic restaurants.

Latest Ebook For Kindle: Peculiar Place Names of Cape Ann

Did you ever wonder where Wingaersheek Beach got its name? How about the boat ramp at Dun Fudgin? What does Annisquam mean and why are there no halibut at Halibut Point? My latest Ebook for Amazon Kindle addresses these questions and more! In Peculiar Place Names of Cape Ann I scoured early maps of Massachusetts and consulted the definitive works of local history to find the origins of our unique places. After months of research I feel that I have only scratched the surface and there is probably even more fascinating stories about the nooks and crannies of Cape Ann.

Anyone who has grown up here has heard various legends about how places got their names. As I got older I realized that many of these tales are simply legends, or at best corruptions of the original story. The origin of Ten Pound Island and Wingaersheek Beach come to mind immediately, as both are claimed to have a connection to the Native Americans…which is not true!

Like all my Kindle Ebooks, it is a quick read, but packed with information that was painstakingly researched. A great way for locals to brush up on their history and for newcomers to show us their true stripes.

Enjoy everyone, and please consider leaving a review over at Amazon. Thanks!