Lent Special: Get “From Head To Tale” On Kindle For 99 Cents!

The season of Lent has traditionally been tied to the consumption of seafood. It is still the busiest time of year for our hometown Gorton’s of Gloucester, and with the water still cold it makes for a great time for fish – Catholic or not. So in order to kick off Lent I’m offering the kindle edition of my historic seafood cookbook: From Head To Tale for only 99 cents. It is over 300 pages of fish and shellfish recipes raging from the 15th-20th centuries and many of them are traditonal lenten (maigre) meals.

The special runs from March 2-9 and is only for the Kindle version. Try a new twist on Lent with some old ways of preparing fish!


From Head To Tale: Now Available on Amazon

After over a year of research, writing, editing and formatting, my largest work is finally complete. It is called From Head To Tale and is an historic seafood cookbook containing over four hundred recipes, arranged chronologically by species, including recipes for appetizers, salads, soups and sauces.

From the back cover:

From Head to Tale explores five centuries of Western seafood history through recipes compiled from European and North American cookbooks. Learn which species of fish and shellfish have remained popular through the centuries. See how ingredients, cooking methods and even recipe formats evolved over time. From timeless classics to forgotten Medieval dishes, From Head to Tale will reveal of trove any seafood lover will enjoy.

Now that the book is finished, I plan on using some of the proceeds to try some of these historic recipes, which I will post on my new website buyingseafood.com

From Head To Tale is now available on Amazon, and will also be sold at Essex Shipbuilding Museum gift shop starting in spring 2017.

Thoroughbreds Under Sail: Revised Edition Now In Print

One of my missions this off-season was to revamp some of my books, especially those that have only been available on Kindle. Thoroughbreds Under Sail was my first attempt at self-publishing and was based upon a couple of articles I wrote for European magazines a few years back. For this new revised print edition I decided to add a little more information about the schooners and also to correct some errors. Also, I have added more photos, some from the photo collections at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum.

Thoroughbreds Under Sail The Surviving Gloucester Fishing Schooners

The new print cover

My original intent for these small books was to be “light reads” for visitors to Cape Ann. Quick reads with relevant information so visitors can quickly learn a bit about our sights and heritage. For those wanting something that goes more in depth…well I’m working on that. For the past few years I have been working on a larger project that focuses on the transitional vessels like the Evelina M. Goulart and the American Eagle of the 20’s and 30’s. It’s a subject area that is close to my heart, as well as many others in Gloucester fishing families since in many cases these were the vessels that established our families not only as Gloucester fishermen, but Americans as well. Stay tuned.



Peculiar Place Names of Cape Ann: Paperback Now Available!

First off, thanks to everyone who downloaded my books over the Christmas season, that was a pleasant surprise!

But I have heard your requests and responded  by creating the paperback version of Peculiar Place Names of Cape Ann.

51LGJuajChLWith all the great tools over at CreateSpace, turning my Kindle books into print format was not that hard…once I got the hang of it. It’s printed in a small format, and compact enough to carry with you as you explore the communities of Cape Ann. If you like it, bring your copy by the Essex Shipbuilding Museum this coming season and I’ll sign it for you.

In the very near future all of my titles will be in paperback, I’m awaiting the proof copies on some of them today. Once I approve them, they will be available on Amazon and hopefully in the Museum’s book shop. I will announce when they are available. Stay tuned.