About The Author

Justin Demetri is a native of the historic fishing port of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Growing up “Down the Fort” in one of the many families that comprised Gloucester’s Italian fishing fleet, he spent his childhood among the fishermen, the boats and the wharves. At age 12, Justin gave the first cash donation to the newly arrived Schooner Adventure, leading to a friendship with author and historian Joseph E. Garland. This was the spark that would lead to a love of writing, and an appreciation for the special place he still calls home.

His interests are vast, but include researching local maritime history and exploring his family’s Sicilian fishing heritage. His works on Italian history, culture and food can be found at LifeinItaly.com, around the web and in print. Justin holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts/Boston and is the Director of Visitor Services for the Essex Shipbuilding Museum.

Justin Demetri is also the owner of BuyingSeafood.com, a website committed to providing information for consumers looking for the best seafood. Buying Seafood provides species information, suggestions, recipes, product reviews and much more.


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