Gloucester History Sail Aboard Ardelle: Wed July 20th – 6PM

If you have not joined us on one of these sails I highly recommend it, a bit of history, a gorgeous backdrop and plenty of liquid refreshment. A few weeks ago I joined Captain Harold aboard his pinky Ardelle for a Fiesta history sail and we had a great time as always. I’m really appreciative of Harold and his family for inviting me back again for two more history sails this summer. These days I don’t get too many opportunities to be on the water, but every time I’m on Ardelle as we coast past our fabled waterfront, it stirs up old memories.

51n7GiwgDOL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I love my town, I love its history, but I like to have fun too! No script, no set route, and everyone is invited to spin their own yarns. If he’s up for it, I’ll bring my partner in crime Jim Lynch along as usual. Forget the guy from Dos Equis, this 92-year old is the real “most interesting man in the world.” and has seen it and done it all. So come join us as we knock back a few and talk about what makes this place so special. Space is till available so get your tickets here!


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