Gloucester History Sail Aboard Ardelle: 6/22/16

10438318_10204254174500721_5772747195657271566_nTo kick off the monthly summer history sails aboard the Ardelle, Captain Harold Burnham has invited me on his evening sail, 6/22/16 from 6-8pm. But this isn’t just an ordinary Wednesday evening sail, it is also the first night of St. Peter’s Fiesta! So in honor of our patron saint, all the Gloucester fishermen – past and present, and my Sicilian-American brothers and sisters, I’ll be including Fiesta history as well. Growing up down the Fort, the Fiesta was as exciting as Christmas and it makes me proud that I get to watch my son, now 6, eagerly await the rides, the food, the family and the fun. Whether you are a part of the celebration, a local resident, or a visitor wondering what all the commotion is downtown, come join us as we get the party started under sail. Viva!


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