Last Day for Free Ebook: Peculiar Place Names of Cape Ann

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Latest Ebook For Kindle: Peculiar Place Names of Cape Ann

Did you ever wonder where Wingaersheek Beach got its name? How about the boat ramp at Dun Fudgin? What does Annisquam mean and why are there no halibut at Halibut Point? My latest Ebook for Amazon Kindle addresses these questions and more! In Peculiar Place Names of Cape Ann I scoured early maps of Massachusetts and consulted the definitive works of local history to find the origins of our unique places. After months of research I feel that I have only scratched the surface and there is probably even more fascinating stories about the nooks and crannies of Cape Ann.

Anyone who has grown up here has heard various legends about how places got their names. As I got older I realized that many of these tales are simply legends, or at best corruptions of the original story. The origin of Ten Pound Island and Wingaersheek Beach come to mind immediately, as both are claimed to have a connection to the Native Americans…which is not true!

Like all my Kindle Ebooks, it is a quick read, but packed with information that was painstakingly researched. A great way for locals to brush up on their history and for newcomers to show us their true stripes.

Enjoy everyone, and please consider leaving a review over at Amazon. Thanks!