Now Available on NOOK: Gloucester Fishing Disasters of the 19th Century

I’m glad to announce that I have figured out how to reformat my manuscript to the NOOK reader. So for all of those who have asked me about it, here it is, sorry for the delay.

When I first started creating ebooks for Amazon Kindle, I did not realize that the various outlets did not accept the same type of master files. When I first attempted to upload my ebooks to the NOOK platform, the came up looking strange. However I have been able to get my latest ebook to look pretty good on the NOOK so my other ebooks should be on the Barnes and Noble website pretty soon.

Thanks to all of you who have downloaded the Kindle version already, and a big shoutout to my cuz, Keith Pal over at Greasypole Nation for spreading the word via Facebook.


New For Kindle: Gloucester Fishing Disasters of the 19th Century

In my tours at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum I talk a lot about how fishing schooner designs evolved in the 19th Century. Visitors are often shocked to hear how many men fishing out of Gloucester went down at sea in vessels built for speed but little safety. The tragedies that Gloucester faced in the pursuit of fish during the days of sail is a fascinating topic, one that has been covered by some excellent books. I went back to publications from the time of these disasters at sea, especially two memorial books published by Gloucester’s Proctor Brothers, as well as their newspapers. I also went through the yearly reports of the US Fisheries commission and included  some of the excellent sketches taken from the experiences of Captain Joseph W Collins (thanks to NOAA’s Historic Photo Library). I hope you all enjoy it.