Keeping A Promise: Down The Fort Project

Sunset down the Fort

Sunset down the Fort

I owe a lot to the late, great Joe Garland. Gloucester’s historian took me under his wing at a young age and over the years would give that little push I needed to become a writer. In fact, I did not even consider myself a writer until he told me I was. Way back though he told me it was about damn time someone chronicled the history of Gloucester’s Italian fishing fleet and the neighborhood of “The Fort.” Joe was very fond of Sicily, which is where most “Gloucester Italians” really originate and attempted to inspire pride in my heritage. He wanted me to take up this charge and document our fleet and our Fort.

Time went on and I really wasn’t sure if I could ever fulfill Joe’s expectations of me, even after I began writing. But fate has an interesting way of getting you on your path. Health circumstances directed me to a part-time position at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum, instantly rekindling my love of our local maritime history. The second and major piece of the puzzle was meeting Salvatore Zerilli, Ph.D., a Fort kid that had come back home to reconnect with his roots and what makes the Fort so special. Sal and his team created an ongoing archive of stories, images¬†and videos of the Fort neighborhood,¬† also creating the documentary: No Pretty Prayer.

My work with the team, both on and off camera is may way of keeping the promise to Joe, the film is excellent and if only he got to see it before the end…I played a small part in a very large project, yet I am more proud of this than much of my other work.


Early Articles on Paris

When I first got into freelance writing I tried my hand at writing about the places I’ve seen in Europe. It is still a favorite subject of mine and I am grateful for these websites for giving me a chance early on.

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St-Germain L’Auxerrois, Paris

Italian Food Articles by Justin Demetri

It’s no secret that I love food, and researching and writing about Italian food was certainly some of the most fun I’ve had as a writer. It also brought back a lot of memories of all that great food I got to eat over in Italy. Here are links to some of my most popular Italian food articles:



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These and many more great articles about Italy can be found at

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The World of Italian Coffee

Thoroughbreds Under Sail: The Surviving Gloucester Fishing Schooners

I would like to announce the publishing of my first ebook! A quick read about Gloucester’s surviving schooners from the days of sail. Here is a brief description:

During the age of iron men and wooden ships, the Gloucester fishing schooner was the envy of them all. These were the Gloucestermen: so rugged, so fast and yet so beautiful. Learn about the remaining few that fished out of Gloucester and survived a career that sent thousands of men and ships to the bottom.

91T0QcxCiWL._SL1500_Check it out over at Amazon